UFOs, Hollow Earth, and Operation Highjump

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Put on your tinfoil hats, we’re going to Antarctica!

Photo source: the History channel

Operation Highjump is a fun conspiracy and a fascinating story. In short, Admiral Byrd led an expedition mission to Antarctica to establish a U.S. research base. However, once they arrived, they were met with flying saucers and were led to an entrance, taking them inside Hollow Earth.

Operation Highjump

Admiral Byrd’s controls were hijacked during the expedition by flying saucers with Nazi markings on the side. The UFOs led him to a cave system, which acted as an entrance inside the Earth. He was introduced to a civilization inside the interior of the Earth that had been there longer than we had. He saw mammoths and a large animal kingdom all within a green landscape. They claim to be the protectors of planet Earth, and their goal is to protect us from the criminal activities of world governments and powerful people with corrupt agendas. After the visit, Byrd and his crew were guided back to the outer area of the Earth.

Now, where’s the proof any of this happened? Admiral Byrd was one of the most highly decorated officers in the history of the United States Navy. He received the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Silver Life Saving Medal. He did lead this expedition, and he did fly the mission where this alleged encounter occurred. That much is true. All the juicy information surrounding Operation Highjump comes from a log diary the Admiral kept during the expedition. This is where he detailed his encounter and journey into Hollow Earth.

Some argue this diary never existed and it’s all a fabrication. While there’s no way to say for sure, his son was the one who was allegedly in possession of the diary, and in 1988, he died under very suspicious circumstances.

Admiral Byrd’s son, Richard Byrd was on his way to Washington, D.C., to give a speech at the National Geographic Society event honouring his father. At this event, he would speak publicly about Operation Highjump. He never made it. He was found dead in an abandoned warehouse in Baltimore three weeks later, wearing different clothes and one shoe. He died from malnutrition and dehydration.

Richard Byrd was a lieutenant commander in the Naval Reserve and accompanied his father on Operation Highjump. Did he see the same things as Admiral Byrd? While we’ll never know the answer, something suspicious happened that day — and we’ll never know the truth.

You can read the Operation Highjump exerpts from Admiral Byrd’s supposed diary here.

Hollow Earth

Is the Earth hollow, or is this all nonsense? While it may sound like “flat Earth” levels of ridiculousness, the theory may have some weight. Going back to World War II, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were obsessed with UFOs and flying saucers, and it’s rumoured they had created or planned to create their own anti-gravity bell-shaped UFO called “Die Glocke”.

Art of the supposed Die Glocke UFO

However, once they lost the war, such plans fell through. Although one remnant of the Nazi party, we have a detailed guide with step-by-step instructions to reach the inside of the Earth. The supposed civilization has been said to be named Agartha, the same name that appears in the guide below. Read the translation here.

The Nazi’s guide into Agartha.

They did have a military and research base on Antarctica called New Swabia. Food for thought. The map is part of the story that raises suspicion, and while I won’t say for certain it’s real, there’s always a chance.


There’s been many rumours surrounding Antarctica, and it’s usually the hub for conspiracies. Why is that? It’s partly because of the Antarctic Treaty. The treaty states that Antarctica shall only be used for peaceful purposes, to promote international scientific cooperation, and to set aside disputes over territorial sovereignty. But the thing is, the public isn’t allowed to explore Antarctica. Most countries have classified military and research centres there, and most of the continent is heavily guarded. While you can rent a tour and explore the allocated parts of the continent, free exploration is strictly forbidden. This naturally raises suspicion: Why the secrecy? What’s being hidden over there? Are they testing deadly viruses? Do the rumoured weather manipulation stations exist? Or are they guarding the entrance to the Hollow Earth? It’s fun to speculate, but what goes on down there is kept a secret.

The fun part about Operation Highjump and the Hollow Earth theory is that even if it’s all one big hoax, it’s fun to read about. It’s a fun story. But if it’s real, our existence just got much more interesting.


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