The Soviet Roswell, the forgotten UFO crash

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The forgotten Dalnegorsk UFO crash that shocked the Soviet Union still remains unexplained.

Izvestkovaya Mountain, also known as “Height 611" where the event took place | Wikipedia

With whistleblower David Grusch’s recent comments about the Roswell Incident, there has been a resurgence of discussion around the event from UFO enthusiasts. While there have only been a small number of documented UFO crashes throughout history, they do happen. The Soviet Union had its fair share of UFO sightings during its operation, and in Dalnegorsk, Siberia, from January 1986 to November 1987, Russia would experience its most bizarre encounter.

The Story

On the evening of the 29th of January, 1986, a mysterious, red sphere emerged out of nowhere over Dalnegorsk, a small mining town in the far southeast of the Soviet Union. The object resembled a commonly sighted metallic orb, but was emitting a reddish glow from the front. It travelled noiselessly, was approximately 3 metres wide and resembled the colour of burning stainless steel. Eyewitnesses recall the object travelling close to 15 miles per hour, ascending and descending slowly with its glow heated up each time it rose. The witnesses then reported the object “jumping” a few times before failing unexpectedly and colliding with Izvestkovaya Mountain, also known as “Height 611”.

An artist rendition of the object | Mogo

The townspeople went to investigate the crash before the authorities arrived. Dr. Valeri Dvuzhilni (head of the Far Eastern Committee for Anomalous Phenomena) led this expedition, and reported that many pieces of nearby rock contained particles of silvery metal, which varied from solid balls to “sprayed-like” fragments. He also reported a tree-stump being found at the edge of the crash site, it was burnt and emitted a chemical smell.

A photo of a solid ball-like object retrieved from the crash site

Three days passed, and a team from the Academy of Sciences arrived at the crash scene to investigate. They took photos of the range of unusual black-like rock fragments, pounds of lead, mesh, and beads. Upon developing the photos, the team were shocked to discover that the pictures were unexplainably blank. After further examination of the debris, they determined the remnants of the crash site were very unusual. They eventually concluded that the metallic fragments were made of material that doesn’t exist on our planet. Shortly after, the story takes a shocking turn.

Two yellow glowing objects appeared close to the crash site eight days later. Eyewitnesses claim that after passing over Height 611, the objects performed four circuits before disappearing in a flash. This was only just the beginning of what was about to occur. On the 28th of November, 1987, the airspace of Dalnegorsk was flooded with UFOs. The townspeople witnessed 32 UFO fly-overs from 10 pm until the following morning. Thirteen of the objects flew to the crash site. The objects were moving silently between 150 and 800 metres in the air. Many recounted the crafts would suddenly disappear and reappear as if they were teleporting. The shapes of the crafts varied in size, with some estimated to be up to 300 metres in length.

Eyewitness Testimonies

Officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs who were present later testified that they witnessed the objects. They saw a fiery object flying across the air; inside was a dull sphere, with another red orb in the centre.

Employees of the Bor Quarry saw a huge, cigar-shaped object travelling directly towards the quarry. Its length was between 200 and 300 metres, and its size was comparable to that of a five-story structure. The front of the object was lit up, resembling burning metal.

Another eyewitness was a kindergarten teacher who reported seeing a bright, blinding orb flying silently across the sky. It hovered over a school and admitted a violet-blueish ray illuminating the ground. The object then approached a mountain, hovered over it, and emitted a reddish projector-like light. It’s speculated that these UFOs were looking for something, possibly the object that had crashed at Height 611.

Mesh-like fragments found at the site | Wikipedia

The Aftermath

For the next three years, the Soviet government closed off the crash site to the public, and The Ministry of Defence closely monitored the scientific investigation of the fragments retrieved. Fast forward to 2023, and there are still no matches to anything currently existing. Bizarrely enough, exactly three years later, witnesses again saw a UFO land on Height 611 at the crash site. Many Ufologists speculate that UFOs are drawn to Dalnegorsk due to its unique field of metals. However, there is yet to be a concrete answer.

A. Kulikov, an expert on carbon at the Chemistry Institute of the Far Eastern Department of the Academy of Sciences, wrote that it was not possible to get an idea what the “mesh” is. It resembles glass carbon, but conditions leading to such formation are unknown. The conclusion given by the Academy of Sciences, is that technology to produce these materials is not currently available on Earth.

Art of a crashed UFO | Credit: Unknown

Why do UFOs crash?

UFOs are seemingly incredibly advanced technology. With crafts defying our current understanding of science and physics and travelling at impossible speeds, you’d think they wouldn’t run into issues and crash. This is a common misconception, as no matter how advanced technology is, there is always a chance things can go wrong. Why do planes crash? Why do cars crash? Despite being technologically advanced, whoever pilots these crafts can still make mistakes. Until we know the truth behind the phenomenon, this question remains unanswered.


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